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High-Tech Dentistry

At Radiance Dental, we believe that there is a better way to provide dental care to our patients than the age-old methods.  We practice high tech dentistry Anaheim patients can depend on for more comprehensive and comfortable dental care.  As technology has continued to change and improve, dentistry has as well.  Still, the majority of dentists are still using traditional metal dental tools and imaging equipment.  We, however, are constantly looking for new technology that we can implement in order to improve the experience of our patients. 


By offering high tech dentistry Anaheim patients depend on, we start by getting a good look at what is happening inside of the mouth.  If you live in the 92807 area and are looking for a second opinion, give us a call.  We use modern imaging solutions that allow us to see inside of your mouth and underneath the gums for a close up look.  This enables us to see any infections or cavities, even the small ones.  The sooner we can detect a cavity, the faster we can remove the decayed area, which will prevent you from feeling discomfort.  In many cases, we can treat infections and decay sooner than other dentists can – simply by seeing it first.  Consider how imaging has revolutionized medical care, allowing doctors to see and access remote areas of the body. In dentistry, imaging has also made it possible for us to be more accurate in our diagnosis and treatment plans.  With that in mind, if you have a toothache or general sensitivity, and your dentist is unsure why, call to schedule an appointment with our Anaheim dental office.  A lot of time sensitivity is simply written off as eroded enamel or something to be treated with a desensitizing toothpaste.  The challenge is that this diagnosis is often incomplete.  There may be cavities or infections that are causing the sensitivity but are simply too small to see with traditional imaging tools.  Since we provide high tech dentistry in Anaheim, we can provide a more complete and comprehensive diagnosis, determining if there are oral health issues that are causing your teeth to feel sensitive in the first place.   If you have any oral health concerns, we can examine you and help to determine the best course of treatment. 

Lasers in Dentistry

One technology that is revolutionizing dental care is lasers.  Instead of using metal dental tools to clean teeth, remove infections, treat cavities, etc., lasers are used to perform the same procedures but in a way that is less invasive.  Traditional tools make it difficult to only target the infected area.  Even the most skilled of dentists may accidentally irritate the surrounding gum tissue while performing a simple procedure.  Lasers are much smaller and make it possible to reach the smallest of spaces without causing additional irritation.  This is high tech dentistry Anaheim patients have come to expect, and we are happy to provide it.  If you are currently being treated by another dentist, which operates the old way, we encourage you to call (714) 695-0593 and schedule an appointment with our family dentist office. 

Another way that lasers are improving dental care is in the field of cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery.  There are lasers that can be used to perform the actual surgery and ones that can help to stop the bleeding as the procedure is being performed.  This reduces the potential recovery time, making it possible to feel normal right away.  In many cases, lasers can be used to perform procedures in such a way that no cutting or sutures are necessary.  A perfect example of this is found in treating gum disease.  Lasers can reach underneath the gum tissue and work to break up the tartar and plaque that is on the teeth, underneath the gums. Many times this can work to heal the gum tissues and even restore it.

Sedation Dentistry

By offering high tech dentistry Anaheim patients depend on, we provide sedation that can be used to keep our patients comfortable. While lasers are effective at minimizing the impact of the procedure and keeping it non-invasive, sedation is the medication component that ensures our patients do not feel any unnecessary discomfort.  Very often, we start by providing sedation in order to calm the nerves and help our patients to relax.  Dental phobia is incredibly common and it is very rarely associated with actual discomfort but the anticipation of being uncomfortable.  Sedation is a modern solution for overcoming this challenge.  By simply taking a pill ahead of time or using nitrous oxide, you can relax and have an anxiety-free dental appointment. 

Those that are having major cosmetic or restorative dental work completed may need sedation in the form of pain medication.  The types of sedation range from localized pain medication that numbs a specific area of the mouth to sedation that makes you fall asleep while being treated.  Both are extremely effective for keeping you comfortable so we will discuss which one is right for you prior to getting started.  This is one aspect of high tech dentistry Anaheim patients cannot do without and it is one of the things that sets our dental office apart. It is important to know that not all dentists offer sedation.  Even if they are a cosmetic dentist, that does not mean that they will use these solutions.  As such, if your current dentist office won’t sedate you – call our 92807 dental office for a more pleasant and relaxing experience.  You can schedule a consultation with our Anaheim general dentist office by calling (714) 695-0593.

By providing high tech dentistry in Anaheim, we provide more comprehensive and complete dental care for our patients.  Our priority is your oral health and we are constantly looking at new technology and best practices to ensure that we are offering you, our patients, the highest quality of dental care.  At times, this involves a new and improved way to perform a procedure or using higher quality imaging to get a better look at what is happening.  We even offer a high tech solution to common problems like tooth loss.  Regardless of what is needed, we can provide you with the dental care and solutions that you require in order to remain in excellent oral health. 

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