Dental Insurance and Payment

At Radiance Dental, we accept most insurances from HMO to PPO. We will work with you to maximize your benefits and cut your out of pocket costs. Every patient is unique and insurance plans vary from person to person. We will file all insurance claims to save you time and effort. Insurance can be tricky and difficult to understand. Believe us, we know. If only insurance was simpler, wouldn’t that be great? But alas, it isn’t. We deal with it everyday so we’ll be happy to answer all your questions regarding insurance and coverage. Call us today to see if we accept your insurance.

Types of Insurance

Indemnity: It is reimbursement type insurance that pays back either the patient or the doctor for services at the doctor’s usual or customary fee (UCR). You are not limited to which doctor you can see. These plans provide you with the most flexibility but usually have higher premiums.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization): This type of insurance provides patients with a list of preferred providers. You don’t have to see a doctor that is in your network. Fees come off of a fee schedule set up by the dentist and insurance company, which is lower than the usual, customary fee or cash fee. You are often required to pay a percentage of the fee for each service. Percentages will vary depending on you plan. There is also a general maximum that is allowed each year, which will also vary. Deductibles have to be paid prior to insurance covering treatment. Patients are solely responsible for treatment not covered by the insurance.

HMO (Health Maintenance Organization): An HMO is a type of insurance plan that will also provide you a list of certain doctors. You must get choose and assign a doctor prior to being treated by him/her. This is the most basic type of insurance and has the lowest premiums. Usually, only the most basic services are covered like exams, cleanings and x-rays. The patient must pay for services not covered by insurance and optional, though the fees are usually reduced. Referrals must be sent out prior to being seen by specialist.

No Insurance?
Even if you don’t have insurance, you still have options to get the treatment you need.

Credit Cards
We take all major credit cards

Payment Plans
We offer third party payment plans from Care Credit and Springstone that offer low rate interest plans so that you can make monthly payments if you cannot pay your entire balance.

We understand that dental treatment can be expensive and finances are many times an issue. When you leave the office, you’ll know exactly what you’ll need and what the cost will be. We always work with our patients to try to come up with a solution to finance all the comprehensive dental treatment you need and deserve.