How a Family Dentist in Anaheim Uses Media to Get Kids Brushing

Family Dentist in AnaheimAs a family dentist in Anaheim, we want to help you to help your children brush their teeth.  We understand that it can be difficult to get kids excited about brushing and that oral hygiene can become a bone of contention when children don’t like to do it.  We can encourage them to brush in our office and even show them how, but it is up to you to make sure that they brush at least twice a day, for two minutes at a time.  This sounds easier than it actually is, so we have a solution.

If you visit the American Dental Association website, they have an entire section devoted to helping kids to brush for two minutes at a time.  There are cartoons on the website that are two minutes in length exactly and by watching them, they can learn to brush their teeth for the right amount of time, without it feeling tedious.  The site features popular cartoons like Adventure Time and even sing-alongs, giving everyone in the family something that they can watch.  All you need is your tablet, smartphone or laptop to get started.  The goal is to get your kids used to brushing for the full two minutes now so that when they are older, they will continue doing so.  While we know that some parents try using a timer, this is significantly more fun for the kids.

You can also try music instead.  Most kids have a favorite song or at least a favorite genre.  Whether you have a little girl that is fascinated by Frozen and Disney princesses or a tween that can’t get enough of Uptown Funk, playing their song will get them dancing and brushing before you know it.  This is a simple way to energize their day and a great way to start the morning.  As a family dentist in Anaheim, we know the importance of association, and if you can make brushing fun now, they will continue to do it as adults. Anything that they dread may be avoided when you aren’t watching.

Video Tutorials

Media is also being used to teach in an interactive manner.  When you visit the ADA website, you can play videos for your child that demonstrate how to brush properly.  Most kids easily learn from videos and playing one can teach them how to get the most bacteria and plaque off the teeth without you needing to constantly remind them.  This is an easier way to teach them without creating conflict or seeming like you are picking on them.  We understand that some children can be sensitive about what they perceive as criticism, and this is a simple way to direct them.

As a family dentist in Anaheim, we will work with you to instill good oral hygiene habits in your children now so that as they grow, their teeth and gums can remain healthy.  This will reduce the risk of them getting cavities and gum disease both now and into adulthood.  While these ideas may seem silly, they work, and we encourage you to try them.


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