The Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Cavity Treatment

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Having a cavity is no fun, but luckily there are options like laser dentistry that can make treatment much more effective than the traditional cleaning and filling that we’re used to. We all want to pick the best option possible for getting the right dental treatment. To help you understand how laser cavity treatment can help, we’ll discuss some of the benefits in this post. 

What is a dental laser? 

A dental laser is a specialized instrument that performs specific procedures more precisely than standard dental instruments. There are two basic types of a dental laser, one for soft tissue and one for hard tissue. A hard tissue laser is used to treat cavities as it is better able to work around damaged tooth enamel and penetrate deep enough to clean the damaged tooth. 

Benefits of laser dentistry for cavity treatment

Now we will discuss the benefits of laser treatment for a cavity over that of traditional dental work. Understanding the benefits can go a long way toward helping you know if this is the right treatment for you. 

Lasers can detect cavities easier

Not all cavities are easily detectable, and in some cases, a dentist may have trouble reaching the damaged area, making treatment more difficult. One of the primary benefits of a laser is that it is possible to get difficult areas or even detect cavities that a dentist would not usually be able to see. 

Lasers can reach into parts of the mouth that dental instruments can’t, and without using a laser, a dentist may need to remove teeth or perform surgery to prepare the tooth properly to be repaired or receive a filling. In some cases, a laser can help save a tooth that might otherwise be unable to be fixed. 

Lasers are much more precise

Another great benefit of using a laser to treat your cavity is that lasers have pinpoint precision. This means that when the dentist removes the damaged area of the tooth, there is less chance that they will damage other parts of the tooth while attempting to clean the debris. Besides getting into spaces easier, the laser is much more effective at fixing a cavity without causing damage to other areas of the mouth. 

Lasers are much less painful and invasive

No one likes to deal with pain when they go to the dentist, but unfortunately, it is a consequence of having your tooth repaired for some procedures. In the case of cavity treatment, however, laser dentistry can find, clean, and prepare the cavity in your tooth much less invasive than with dental instruments and is also significantly less painful than a traditional cavity treatment. 

Additionally, this means that in cases where more work is done to fill the cavity, you may not need as much or any anesthetic at all. This benefits patient who feels uncomfortable or have particularly sensitive teeth. Lower pain and less invasiveness make procedures safe and reduce the recovery time so that patients can get back to eating the foods they love sooner. 

Speak with your dentist

Treating a cavity as soon as possible can help a simple procedure from becoming something larger. The revolutionary new treatment options can help eliminate cavities without the hassle. Call your dentist today to schedule an appointment. 

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